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Privacy policy

The author of this website is aware the protection of personal information is an important issue to the visitors of this website. The author is also aware that the provision of personal information is an act of trust and should be treated seriously. For information on the handling of personal and sensitive information of visitors to this website please see the website's Privacy Policy (link).

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is designed to comply with the relevant privacy laws and standards of Australia.


The Website only requires the collection of personal information when it is necessary for its function and to assist the person providing the personal information ("the user"). All personal information is only collected from the user concerned and only when it is reasonable and practicable to do so.


Personal and sensitive information will be used for the primary purpose for which it was collected. It may be disclosed and used for another purpose if the user has expressed his or her consent.

Non-sensitive information maybe used for direct marketing and other associated purposes without the user's consent but only if it is impracticable to seek the user's consent before that particular use.

A user may receive direct marketing material which was formed through analysis and/or use of non-sensitive information of the website's users but only when:

(a) the user has not made a request to the website operators not to receive these direct marketing communications (there is no charge to the user for giving effect to a request by the user to the website operators not to receive direct marketing communications);

(b) In each direct marketing communication with the user, the website operator will draw to the user's attention, or prominently display a notice, that the user may express a wish not to receive any future direct marketing communications; and

(c) Each written direct marketing communication between the website operator and the user sets out the website operator's business address and telephone number and if the communication is made by electronic means, a number or address that the website operator can be directly contacted electronically.

***The Website does not store credit card or bank information on any of its servers - it is used once only for the transaction being processed in a secure environment and is then destroyed once the transaction has been finalised.


All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the personal information collected is accurate, complete and up to date. Unless providing access has an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of other users, all users will be given access to update their personal information.

All reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information will be taken if it is no longer required for the purpose of which it was originally collected.


To assist in the protection of the privacy of all users of the site, each user is not permitted to disclose his or her password to any third parties. The sharing of a password will reduce the website operator's ability to protect the user's personal and sensitive information. All users are directed to apply for their password to be immediately changed if it is compromised in any way.

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